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DVDneXtCOPY 3 Ultimate v3.0.5.3 w patch CrYs19
DVDneXtCOPY 3 Ultimate v3.0.5.3 w patch CrYs19
Copyright 2005-2009 DVDneXtCOPY Inc.
Windows 2000/XP or Vista
DVDneXtCOPY 3 Ultimate

DVDneXtCOPY Ultimate is the most advanced DVD copying software on the market today.
It combines the highest possible quality and speed to produce perfect copies of all your favourite DVD movies.
It comes packed with features to copy DVD movies to DVD, iPod, PSP, Zune your computer hard drive and more.
It also has the ability to copy up to 10 standard DVD movies to 1 BluRay Disc (an industry first).
This latest version now utilizes neXt Tech™ error correction technology to ensure the highest level of success copying and the greatest quality of the latest generation of DVD movies.
(Give it a try.
If it is not what you are looking for, we have an instant 100% refund.)


    * Windows VISTA Compatible
    * Improved and newly designed neXt Tech™, for copying your latest DVD movies
    * Copy VideoDVD to BluRay (Copy up to 10 VideoDVDs on 1 BluRay) (Industry First)
    * Copy DVD movies to your iPod, PSP, Zune (Windows Media Video)
    * Copy DVD movies to DVD
    * Copy DVD movies to your computer
    * Copies DVD Movie to One Blank Disc (No Need to Split)
    * Copy VideoDVD and Common Discs (Special Feature Disks/DigitalCopy Disks)
    * Copy episodic DVD movies
    * Copy Full Multi-Channel Audio (Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS)
    * Copy Common Disk directly to another drive (on-the-fly)
    * Copy Common Disks to DiskImage
    * Copy and Burn to Multiple devices
    * Make copies of DVD copies
    * Convert all know DiskImage Types to ISO (to open with DVDneXtCOPY)
    * Burn all known DiskImage Types with DVDneXtCOPY
    * Burn own DiskImageTypes with DVDneXtCOPY
    * Added Pre-scan for high quality
    * Highest quality available
    * Extended BadSector Scanning
    * Auto-fill BadSectors
    * New and improved VideoDVD content list
    * New WebControl for better information about updates and new features
    * Easy to use and easy to understand work flow
    * Integrated BluRay Browser for XP
    * Option to remove region limitations
    * Option for auto remove DTS audio stream
    * Option to erase and reuse rewriteable disks
    * Option to preview tracks before and during copying
    * Option to adjust deposit Buffer (to avoid over flowing copies)
    * Option to jump directly to menu. The copy will not play trailers
    * Option to use 1, 2 or 4 Processors (DualCore or QuadCore)
    * Updates for one year
    * Supports all Dual Layer/Single Layer/BluRay discs and burners
    * Supports all SCSI, IDE, USB DVD burners/recorders
    * Supports 1x - 20x speed blank media- Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies
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Lonely Planet Sydney City Guide
Lonely Planet – Sydney City Guide
Item# 703635_PGD0035

Language: English
PAL (23.976fps)
MP3 - 128kbps
Genre: Documentary

Globe Trekker TV Shows: Sydney City Guide
Presenter: Justine Shapiro

Sydney is the gateway to Australia, a vibrant and cosmopolitan city built around a beautiful natural harbour, overlooking the South Pacific. Inhabited by aboriginal people for over 60,000 years, the arrival of the convict ships from Britain in the 19th century changed the face of this now cosmopolitan city forever.

Traveller Justine Shapiro spends a week in Sydney, the gateway to Australia.
On the eastern Pacific coast in the state of New South Wales, Sydney was the first port of call for the convict ships of the 1800s, carrying their cargo of outcasts from British cities to the penal colonies.

Along the way...
    * Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge
    * Learn the city’s history in The Rocks
    * Take a hike in the Blue Mountains
    * See a performance at the Sydney Opera House
    * Party at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Bondi Beach, the most famous beach in the world, is the place to flaunt the body beautiful or just check out the lifeguards.
Bondi is also the starting point for the coastal walk, a scenic cliff top promenade which many Sydney-siders incorporate into their fitness regime. En route to the Waverley Cemetery, which is surrounded by stunning coastal vistas, there's the less populated Tamarama Beach and Bronte Beach, more popular with the locals but no less spectacular.

For all its European heritage Australia's closest neighbours are Asian countries.
The Sydney suburb Cabramatta is populated by a vast Vietnamese community.
Also of non-European descent are the Aboriginal peoples, who, although they lived on the land for 64,000 years before the arrival of the first convict ships, have only been counted as citizens since the referendum of 1967.
Justine joins a tour which takes in cultural aspects of aboriginal life and gives an insight into the way the Aborigines have been brutally treated by the European colonisers.
Sydney has a long history of wild parties, ever since the legendary orgy that took place when the first ship of women convicts docked in the harbour after eight months of abstinence on the high seas.
The biggest event in Sydney's calendar takes place in February, the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.
Justine is invited to join in the procession by Robert, who has entered his fabulous costume Colours du Jour.
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Hitman 2007 720p BluRay x264-REVEiLLE (.mkv)
Hitman 2007 720p BluRay x264-REVEiLLE (.mkv)

Hitman (2007)

A gun-for-hire "Hitman" is a genetically-engineered, elite assassin known only as Agent 47 hired by a group known only as

'The Agency' is ensnared in a political conspiracy, which finds him pursued by both Interpol and the Russian military as he treks across Eastern Europe.
 But even 47 couldn't anticipate a "random equation" in his life exactitude: the unexpected stirrings of his conscience and the unfamiliar emotions aroused in him by a mysterious Russian woman.

Director: Xavier Gens
Writer (WGA): Skip Woods (written by)
Release Date: 21 November 2007 (USA)
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
Plot: A gun-for-hire known only as Agent 47 hired by a group known only as 'The Organization' is ensnared in a political conspiracy, which finds him pursued by both Interpol and the Russian military as he treks across Russia and Eastern Europe.
Plot Keywords: Agent 47 | Interpol | Assassin | Money Falling Through Air | Secret Police
Awards: 1 win

Additional Details
MPAA: Rated R for strong bloody violence, language and some sexuality/nudity.
Runtime: 93 min
Country: France | USA
Language: English | Russian | Serbo-Croatian
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital EX | DTS
Certification: UK:15 | Finland:K-15 | Ireland:16 | Canada:14A (British Columbia/Ontario) | Sweden:15 | Australia:MA | Germany:18 | France:Unrated | Switzerland:16 (canton of Geneva) | USA:R (certificate #43962) | New Zealand:R16 | Netherlands:16 | Germany:BPjM Restricted
Filming Locations: Cape Town, South Africa
Company: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation

  (Cast overview, first billed only)

Timothy Olyphant...     Agent 47
Dougray Scott    ...     Mike Whittier
Olga Kurylenko    ...     Nika Boronina
Robert Knepper    ...     Yuri Marklov
Ulrich Thomsen    ...     Mikhail Belicoff
Henry Ian Cusick...     Udre Belicoff
Michael Offei    ....... Jenkins
Christian Erickson...     General Kormarov
Eriq Ebouaney    ...     Bwana Ovie
Joe Sheridan    ...     Captain Gudnayev
James Faulkner    ...     Smith Jamison
Jean-Marc Bellu    ...     Hitman #2
Nicky Naude    ...     Hitman #3
Abdou Sagna    ...     Hitman #4
Ilya Nikitenko    ...     Hitman #5

User Comments

Author: Harbinger70 from United States

Let's keep this short and sweet. If you enjoy the video games, you will more than likely enjoy the movie.
It's very easy to follow, the acting can be downright terrible at times (but very solid from Olyphant who was a GREAT choice to play Agent 47), the special FX are loud and neat to look at, there's lots of explosive action-packed gun fights, and the hot chick gets naked.
The only thing I have against the film was that it was a little dull and awkward in the beginning, but it picked up about 15 minutes in and kept it rollin' until the ending.
Oh, and the hot chick gets naked.
You want to go to the movies and have a discussion afterwards?
Go watch "Lions for Lambs." You want to go have a fun time at the movies with your friends? Check out "Hitman."
Word on the street is there's lots of blood and explosions (and a hot naked chick).

[Movie Title ]....[ Hitman
[Release Year ]...[ 2007
[iMDb Rating ]....[ 6.3/10
[Genre ]..........[ Action / Crime / Thriller
[Runtime ]........[ 100 mins
[File Size ]......[ 1.15 Gb
[Source ].........[ Hitman.2007.720p.BluRay.x264-REVEiLLE
[Resolution ].....[ 720*362 (Anamorph)
[Frame Rate ].....[ 23.976 fps
[Aspect Ratio ]...[ 2.35:1
[Video C/B ]......[ x264 ~1428 kbps
[Audio C/B ]......[ ND HE-AAC 6ch ~189 kbps
[Language ].......[ English
[Subtitle ].......[ English (Not hardsubbed)
[Container ]......[ MatRoska (.mkv)
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IsoBuster Pro v2.5.5 Final w License freeryde
IsoBuster Pro v2.5.5 Final w License freeryde
Smart Projects
Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (All 32/64 bit)
With Manuals {Chm} & {Pdf}
IsoBuster Pro

IsoBuster is an award winning , highly specialized and easy to use CD and DVD data recovery tool.
It supports all CD and DVD formats and all common CD and DVD file-systems...
Rescue lost files from a bad or trashed CD or DVD disc, save important documents, precious pictures, video from the family, your only system backup.

Start up IsoBuster, Insert a CD or DVD, select the drive (if not selected already) and let IsoBuster mount the media.
IsoBuster immediately shows you all the tracks and sessions located on the media, combined with all file-systems that are present.
This way you get easy access, just like explorer, to all the files and folders per file-system. Instead of being limited to one file-system that the OS picks for you, you have access to "the complete picture".
Access data from older sessions, access data that your OS (e.g. Windows) does not see or hides from you etc.

IsoBuster full feature list:

* Data recovery from all possible CD, DVD and Blu Ray (BD & HD DVD) formats :
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FastStone Image Viewer v3.9 Corporate w KEYGEN FFF
FastStone Image Viewer v3.9 Corporate w KEYGEN FFF
2009 FastStone Soft
Win Vista/Me/Server 2008/2000/XP/Windows 7/98

FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is a fast, stable, user-friendly image browser, converter and editor.
It has a nice array of features that include image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal, emailing, resizing, cropping and color adjustments.

Its innovative but intuitive full-screen mode provides quick access to EXIF information, thumbnail browser and major functionalities via hidden toolbars that pop up when your mouse touches the four edges of the screen.
Other features include a high quality magnifier and a musical slideshow with 150+ transitional effects, as well as lossless JPEG transitions, drop shadow effects, image annotation, scanner support, histogram and much more.

It supports all major graphic formats (BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, animated GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO and TGA) and popular digital camera RAW formats (CRW, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, MRW, ORF, SRF and DNG).

Version 3.9 has added "Copy", "Paste" and "Cut" to the right-click menu on folder browser and improved performance of selecting files in the thumbnail browser.


* Image browser and viewer with a familiar Windows Explorer-like user interface

* Support of many popular image formats:

* True Full Screen viewer with image zoom support and unique fly-out menu panels

* Crystal-clear and customizable one-click image magnifier

* Superior Red-Eye effect removal/reduction with completely natural looking end result

* Image modification tools: Resize/resample, rotate/flip, crop, sharpen/blur, brightness/contrast, etc.

* Eleven resampling algorithms to choose from when resizing images

* Image color effects: gray scale, sepia, negative, Red/Green/Blue adjustment

* Image special effects: watermark, annotation, drop shadow, framing, bump map, lens, morph, waves

* Draw texts, lines, highlights, rectangles, ovals and callout objects on images

* Multi-level Undo/Redo capability

* One-touch best fit/actual size image display support

* Image management, including tagging capability, with drag-and-drop and Copy To/Move To Folder support

* Histogram display with color counter feature

* Compare images side-by-side (up to 4 at a time) to easily cull those forgettable shots

* Image EXIF metadata support (plus comment editing for JPEGs)

* Configurable batch processing to convert/rename large or small collections of images

* Slideshow creation with 150+ transition effects and music support (MP3, WMA, WAV...)

* Create efficient image attachment(s) for emailing to family and friends

* Print images with full page-layout control

* Create fully configurable Contact Sheets - just like the pros (and save $$$ on ink)

* Create memorable artistic image montages from your family photos for personalized desktop wallpapers (Wallpaper Anywhere)

* Acquire images from a scanner

* Versatile screen capture capability

* Powerful Save As interface to compare image quality and control generated file size

* Run favorite programs with one keystroke from within Image Viewer

* Offer portable version of the program which can be run from a removable storage device

* Configurable mouse wheel support

* Support multiple program skins

* Support dual-monitor configurations

* And much more...
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Special thanks to GD 'Gypsydavid'
Created By Orbit30 2009 @ ""

No info on this one ,, but it looks interesting
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Comic Life v1.3.6.71 Cracked HERiTAGE
Comic Life v1.3.6.71 Cracked HERiTAGE
Windows XP SP1+ / Vista
Comic Life
For Windows

Be the Hero You Are!
Comic Life lets you create astounding comics, beautiful picture albums, how-tos... and more!

The easy-to-use interface integrates seamlessly with your photo collection.
Drag in your pictures, captions, Lettering text (‘ka-blam!') and speech balloons and your work is done!
You can even use your webcam within Comic Life to make a comic on the spot!

Comic Life gives you fun and professional templates for instant, impressive, photo layouts.
Tweak your creations to your hearts desire!


Looking for something special? Enhance the look of your photos with the many included filters like hand-drawn, painted and night vision.

Share your Life Stories
Comic Life makes it easy to share your creations with friends and family via the web and email.

Keepin' it Real:
Print your creations to share with Grandma (when her 'net is down).
Laughter ensues.

Tried and Tested:
Get your hands on the award-winning Comic Life, as used loved by millions of kids, grownups, schools and police forces around the world.

Tons of uses!
• Comics... duh ;)
• Annotate family photos
• Holiday photo albums
• Childrens story books
• ‘How-to' Guides
• Basic desktop publishing
• Greeting cards
• Gifts
• Scrap booking
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Trojan Killer v2.0.3.5 Cracked-CzW

Trojan Killer v2.0.3.5 Cracked-CzW
Copyright © 2003-2008 GridinSoft Inc.  
Windows All

Trojan Killer description
A malicious computer software (malware) removal tool.

Trojan Killer application was designed to be a malicious computer software (malware) removal tool.
Samples of malware include various types of adware (displays unwanted advertising); spyware (may keep and send logs of your keyboard and mouse activity, such as credit card or personal identity information); hidden dialers (may initiate unsolicited phone call which then shows on your bill), and more.

If you are an active internet user, you should take steps to protect your sensitive personal information from possible cyber exposure.
Trojan Killer will help you to timely identify and safely remove dangerous applications before it is too late.

Trojan Killer is a malicious computer software (malware) removal application.
Malware (may initiate unsolicited phone call which then shows on your bill), and more.

Don't wait while malicious programs strike roots in your computer. Don't let them ever reach you PC!

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VSO Convert X to DVD v3.6.4.158 w keygen BRD { UPDATE }
VSO Convert X to DVD v3.6.4.158 w keygen BRD
VSO-Software SARL  ©2009
Win 2000 SP4/XP SP2 /Windows Vista or Windows 7
VSO Convert X to DVD
ConvertXtoDVD video converter, burn DVD

ConvertXtoDVD - top-choice video conversion software - convert and burn any videos such as Avi to DVD, WMV to DVD, MKV to

DVD, YouTube, ogm, mpeg, quicktime mov !
This award-winning divx to dvd video converter software burn video and audio formats to DVD, video conversion supports

avi, divx, wmv, mkv, xvid, vcd, vob, dvd...

All in one video conversion and burning software.
Backup and transfer your movies to DVD and enjoy watching them on any home DVD player.

Key Features
•  Video formats supported: avi, divx, xvid, mov, mkv, flv , mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg-, nsv, dvr-ms, ts, ifo, vob, asf, wmv,

realmedia, rm, rmvb, ogm, existing files from digital camcorders, TV/Sat, capture cards, etc.
No external codecs needed like avi codec download More formats...
•  Create DVD menus with different templates available, possibility to add background video, image or audio, have chapter and audio/subtitle menus
•  Conversion advisor wizard, control of the conversion speed vs. quality
•  Fast and quality encoder, typically less than 1 hour for converting 1 movie, and supports Multi-Core processors!
•  Included burning engine with burn speed control choice of SAO or packet writing methods, supports all DVD formats
•  Custom and or automatic chapter creation with markers and preview window
•  Advanced file merging possibilities
•  Audio formats supported internal and external: AC3, DTS, PCM, OGG, MP3, WMA and more...
Select audio output format.
•  Subtitles files supported internal and external: SRT, .SUB/IDX, .SSA, opensubtitles, dvbsub with color and font selection, and supports tags like italic, bold, turn on/off with DVD player remote control
•  Video output for video standard (NTSC, PAL), TV Screen (Widescreen 16:9, Fullscreen 4:3) and DVD Resolution (Full D1, Broadcast D1, Half D1, SIF), or choose automatic for all choices listed above.
Also convert video from NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC
•  Video post processing settings like video resize-pad/cropping and de-interlacing options
•  Multilingual support available.
•  Optimized for Windows XP / Vista 32bits and 64bits
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Duplicity DVDRip XviD-JUMANJi
Duplicity DVDRip XviD-JUMANJi
Duplicity (2009)

Director: Tony Gilroy
Writer (WGA): Tony Gilroy (written by)
Release Date: 20 March 2009 (USA)
Genre: Crime | Romance | Thriller
Tagline: Outwit. Outspy. Outsmart. Outplay.
Then get out.
Plot: A pair of corporate spies who share a steamy past hook up to pull off the ultimate con job on their respective bosses.
Plot Keywords: One Word Title | Violence | Man Wearing Towel
User Comments: Duplicity, Stars Shine but Action is Awkward

Additional Details

Also Known As: Duplicity - Gemeinsame Geheimsache (Germany)
MPAA: Rated PG-13 for language and some sexual content.
Runtime: 125 min
Country: USA | Germany
Language: English | Spanish
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1
Sound Mix: DTS | Dolby Digital | SDDS
Certification: USA:PG-13 (certificate #45010) | Ireland:12A | Australia:PG | Finland:K-7 | UK:12A | Switzerland:10 (canton of Geneva) | Canada:PG (Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Ontario) | Netherlands:6 | Sweden:Btl | New Zealand:PG
Filming Locations: Atlantis Casino, Paradise Island, Bahamas
Company: Laura Bickford Productions

(Cast overview, first billed only)
Clive Owen..................Ray Koval
Julia Roberts...............Claire Stenwick
Tom Wilkinson...............Howard Tully
Paul Giamatti...............Richard Garsik
Dan Daily...................Garsik's Aide
Lisa Roberts Gillan.........Tully's Assistant (as Lisa Roberts Gillan)
David Shumbris..............Turtleneck
Rick Worthy.................Dale Raimes
Oleg Shtefanko..............Boris Fetyov (as Oleg Stefan)
Denis O'Hare................Duke Monahan
Kathleen Chalfant...........Pam Frailes
Khan Baykal.................Dinesh Patel
Thomas McCarthy.............Jeff Bauer
Wayne Duvall................Ned Guston
Fabrizio Brienza............Hotel Manager

User Comments

(Comment on this title)
Author: Jason O'Mahony from Ireland

DUPLICITY Director: Tony Gilroy Country: USA Year: 2009 Language: English Runtime: 120 Minutes Rating: 15A

A couple of weeks after the exceedingly average THE INTERNATIONAL (2009) rolled into theatres Clive Owen is back with DUPLICITY, the latest from Tony Gilroy, director of the good but vastly over-rated MICHAEL CLAYTON (2007) and writer of the wonderful trilogy of Bourne movies.
DUPLICITY sells itself as an action-packed, romantic comedy where nothing is as it seems.
Which is all well and good but, generally speaking, in order for the action to be compelling the stakes have to be high enough to grab the audience by the nuts and not let go! James Bond wouldn't be James Bond if he wasn't locked in a titanic struggle with a dastardly mastermind bent on world domination.
He certainly wouldn't spy on the makers of Frozen Pizza!

Clive Owen begins DUPLICITY in true James Bond fashion as MI6 secret-agent Ray Koval.
He's a smooth operator who falls into bed with the most beautiful CIA spy on the planet, Julia Roberts as Claire Stenwick. The camera still loves Julia Roberts, even at 41, she's a consummate actress and, in all probability, the biggest movie star on the planet.
And James Bond would be proud to bed her!
So far so good.
But then the two secret agents fall for one another and decide to pack in the dangerous James Bond job for the far safer, yet far more lucrative, job of corporate espionage.
They strike upon a master plan, play both sides, sell the secrets and retire to a life in the sun.

Julia Roberts is on the counter intelligence team of a giant multinational, guarding it against leaks.
Clive Owen is playing for the other side trying to hack in and steal its secrets.
And they're both playing one another. Or are they?
The stakes are still high – they're playing for $40 million – but with nothing more at risk than a new consumer product it's hard to hold the audiences' interest.
I mean, seriously, does anyone care if one corporation beats another corporation to market with a wonder product?
Would James Bond get out of bed for this?

Roberts and Owen have shared the screen before in CLOSER (2004) which was rather more adult themed but equally full of dueling dialogue.
There's a chemistry between the pair which, while not coming close to Bogie and Bacall or, hell, even to Pitt and Jolie in MR & MRS SMITH (2005), is still fun to watch.
And this is where the movie comes into its own.
It's a flimsy, watch-able flick that's fun for the most part.
You could do a lot worse.
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