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Posted in jokes by SpaceGoat Add this blog to favorites on Dec. 18, 2012 // 21:24 | Comments (3)
Posted by willoverton303 on 18.12.2012 // 17:11 [ Link ]

Well....everyone got worked up over Y2K.......and I had a lot of green beans and corn to eat!!! and firewood out the yeng yang!

This time I won't be "snookered" into thinking the world will come to an end on 12-21-2012.

Reply from SpaceGoat on 18.12.2012 // 20:08

If it dose there is no reason to stock up anyway....

Posted by Able on 19.12.2012 // 16:48 [ Link ]

Hey SpaceGoat,

This is nothing more than fear mongering!!!

Once this day passes, there will be some other crap passed around as a fact.

The sopposed rogue planet "Nibiru" does not exist! So it can't crash into Earth the day after tomorrow.

Oh Well...

What next???

The Sun is supposedly slowly leaving our solar system towards the center of the galaxy, leaving our planets behind and in the dark in about a decade...