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ArabsWell Indigo Rose

Set of the most advanced software packages for creation of adjusting files, covers of autostart of disks and updating packages.

AutoPlay Media Studio
Autorun MAX! 2.0
CaptureCAM PRO
Scrapbook MAX!
Visual Patch Express
Setup Factory 7.0
TrueUpdate 2.0
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Cakewalk Music Creator v4 DVD

Start making music right from your home computer with Music Creator 4. Just plug in and hit Record. No matter what you want to record—guitars, keyboards, vocals, CD samples, or any other sound source—Music Creator makes it easy to start making and recording music.

Turn your musical dreams into polished, professional recordings right from your home computer with Music Creator 4—no previous recording experience required. With Music Creator you get the tools, instruments, and effects you need to create, record, edit, mix, and promote your music in one integrated software solution. Creating music on your PC has never been easier, more fun, and more affordable. All from Cakewalk, makers of the # 1 selling music software in the world.

1. Just plug in and hit Record. Once you are done recording, you can edit, arrange, and mix your project all in one integrated view. Music Creator 4 is designed to let you concentrate on creating music, instead of bogging you down with confusing software.

2. Music Creator 4 gives you quick access to the most frequently used tools. Control the volume and panning of your mix and more with just one click of the mouse. In addition, Music Creator 4 includes hundreds of Track Icons which you can use to easily identify what is on each track.

3. Music Creator 4 comes with thousands of instrument sounds. Using the DropZone drag-n-drop sampler, Roland TTS-1 GM 2 synth, and Triangle II synth, you can perform with high-quality instrument sounds including authentic Roland® sounds, analog synths, pianos, organs, horns, guitars, bass, cellos, and much more.

4. Use the new console mixer to mix your songs just like the pros. You also get views like Arrange, Piano Roll, Drum Editor, Staff Notation, Synth Rack, and Loop Construction. Whether you are
editing a session, remixing, notating, or creating video soundtracks, you will have all the tools you need to get the job done quickly.
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Train Signal VMWare And Workstation Virtualization Video Training

Virtualization is currently saving companies around the world millions of dollars. Companies of all sizes and types are benefiting from the hundreds of uses Virtual Systems. You don't need a server farm to benefit from the features of VMware Server and Workstation. David Davis breaks down the intricacies of VMware and makes it easy for you to learn and benefit from such an amazing tool. Whether you are just interested in VMware or are studying for your VCP and need an additional learning tool this course is for you.

1) 13+ Hours of VMware Server & Workstation Training Videos on CD

You get 13+ Hours of Training covering VMware Server and VMware Workstation. "Get your Hands Dirty" with this Real World Training that is 100% Instructor Led! In this course David Davis will lead you through Scenarios and Examples that will have you ready to tackle anything you will run into with Virtualization.

Here are just SOME of the Topics we Cover in our VMware Server & Workstation Training Videos:

 Discover what virtualization is, the many ways to utilize it, and exactly what it can do for your career and/or your business.
 Find out about the different types of virtualization. What products are available and how they differ?
 Find out how to select the right hardware needed for virtualization, RAM, CPU, Disk Storage.
 See a step-by-step installation process of VMware Workstation and Server - from start to finish!
 Get comfortable with different VMware workstation features including: convert hardware wizard, importing options, management interface, and graphical user interface navigation.
 Discover how to create virtual machines, change BIOS settings, add or remove virtual hardware, and much more.
 Find out how to configure and manage VMware Server using VMware Management Interface and VMware Server Console.
 Become familiar with Virtual Hard Disks, their uses, as well as their different types and modes.
 Understand what Virtual Machine Snapshots are and how to use them.
 Discover the many different types of virtual networking with VMware and their advantages!
 Learn how to clone and migrate virtual machines: V2V and P2V.
 Determine how to optimize the hard disk, perform memory and CPU adjustments, and complete virtual machine configuration changes.
 Find out the different types of backups available for VMware.
 Get familiar with VMware scripting.
 Get must-have tips for VMware troubleshooting with VMware support script.
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PlanetPress Suite v6.0 Multilanguage

A modular approach to transactional and variable content document printing and output management.

PlanetPress Suite enables easy creation and printing of transactional and promotional variable content documents as well as offering advanced automated distribution and workflow management capabilities. Documents created with PlanetPress Suite can be printed, archived, emailed and/or faxed as part of a sophisticated output management application driven by PlanetPress Watch. Conditional text, business graphs and images can be incorporated based upon information contained within the data stream.

PlanetPress Suite is sold in a modular approach. Each modules of the Suite can be sold separately, therefore adapting to every business needs.


 Eliminates printing on pre-printed forms.
 Allows for easy management of distributed printing of transactional documents.
 Increases response rates and customer retention by documents personalization.
 Turns invoices into advertising vehicles.
 Prints complex documents at high-speed.
 Takes in data from most hosts including ODBC compliant databases and native XML.
 Eliminates errors due to manual interventions.
 Gives more flexibility.
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0day Pack 0816

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Digital Media Training Series Inside Adobe Premiere Pro DVD

The award-winning Digital Media Training Series presents Inside Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. In this 6+ hour training instructor Terry Nauheim, demonstrates how to professionally use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit projects for events, DVD, web, and broadcast.

By working on a real-world wedding video project, Terry covers in detail major topics including editing techniques; color correction; audio mixing; compositing; and much more. Project files are included so you can work alongside Terry. This training is a must for new users of Premiere Pro, in addition to video editors familiar with earlier versions of Premiere.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Lesson 1: Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro
1. Introduction to Inside Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro
2. Introduction to Premiere Pro
3. Understanding Basic Video Editing Concepts

Lesson 2: Premiere Pro Set-Up
1. Introduction
2. Hardware Set-Up
3. Setting-Up Premiere Pro
4. Interface Layout and Customization
5. Tour of Preferences

Lesson 3: Capturing Media
1. Introduction to Media Capture
2. Tour of the Capture Window
3. Logging Clips
4. Capturing Media
5. Additional Capture Features in Premiere Pro
6. Importing Assets
7. Browser Organization

Lesson 4: Basic Editing in Premiere Pro
1. Editing Introduction
2. Basic Assembly
3. Understanding the Timeline
4. Basic Trimming
5. Using Markers

Lesson 5: Advanced Editing in Premiere Pro
1. Introduction
2. Advanced Trimming- Ripple, Roll, Slip, and Slide
3. Changing Clip Speed
4. Nesting Sequences
5. Additional Editing Features- (4-point Editing)

Lesson 6: Compositing and Animation
1. Compositing Introduction
2. Basic Compositing
3. Titling with the Adobe Title Designer
4. Importing Photoshop Files
5. Transition Effects
5. Working with After Effects

Lesson 7: Color Correction
1. Introduction to Color Correction
2. Video Scopes and Terminology
3. Technical Color Correction: White Balancing *watch free video lesson
4. Technical Color Correction: Color Matching
5. Ensuring Broadcast Safety

Lesson 8: Audio Editing
1. Introduction to Audio Editing
2. Basic Timeline Audio Editing
3. Mixing Audio
4. Preparing 5.1 Dolby Surround
5. Apply Audio Effects

Lesson 9: Output
1. Introduction to Output
2. Tour of the Adobe Media Encoder
3. Output for DVD (Encore DVD)
4. Output for the Web
5. Output to Tape
6. Additional Output Options (AAF, Batch Lists)
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IPexpert CCIE Routing And Switching Lab Audio Boot Camp Series v3

This is the perfect way to keep learning while you are driving, exercising or just relaxing. Listen to in-depth lectures on the CCIE Lab blueprint topics. Recorded by our CCIE-certified experts!

Study while you work, drive or play by listening to over 20 hours of audio lectures, narrated by IPexpert Senior Instructor and VP of Curriculum, Scott Morris (Quad CCIE). This 16 disk* series will arrive in a professional storage case and offers similar information to what you would receive by attending an IPexpert 5-Day CCIE R&S Boot Camp.

This audio CD kit was recently updated to include all the current CCIE blueprint changes! We continually update our products to ensure they offer the most current and relevant information available. Your investment is protected by our Risk-Free Guarantee. Our preparation tools, including these recorded lectures, are focused to be sure you gain a solid understanding of the fundamental technologies in this CCIE track!

IPexpert CCIE R&S Audio Boot Camp CD Content Overview:


1.Frame Relay
• LMI and Frame Relay Topologies
• Layer 2 to Layer 3 Mapping
• Interface Types
• Back to Back Frame Relay
• Split Horizon
• Auto Install
• IETF Caveats
• Bridging Types
• Concurrent Routing and Bridging
• Integrated Routing and Bridging
3.Configuration Options Catalyst 3550 Switches
• Layer 2 Aspects
• VTP Basics
• Spanning Tree
• VLAN Access Lists
• Monitor Sessions
• Private VLANs
• Port Security / UDLD
4.QoS and Trust Levels Web Cache
• Web Cache Control Configuring
• Protocol Route Cache


1.General Networking
• Networking Concepts
• Passive Interface
• Split Horizon
2.Administrative Distance RIP
• Version of RIP
• Manipulating RIP
• Authentication
• Route Tagging
• ACL Filtering
3.Default Route EIGRP
• EIGRP General Protocol
• Configurations
• Neighbor Options
• Route Summarization
• Authentication
4.EIGRP Stub Routing OSPF
• OSFF Fundamentals
• LSAs
• Metrics
• Router IDs
• Interface Types
• OSPF and Frame Relay
• Loop back Interface
• Virtual Links
• Authentication
5.Tweaking OSPF Timers BGP
• Basic BGP Fundamentals
• AS-Path List
• BGP Peering
• Synchronization
• Next Hop
• Multihop EBGP
• Path Selection In BGP
• Transit AS
• Route Aggregation
• Authentication Administrative Options
• Back Door Routing
• Non-exist Maps
• Route Reflectors
• Confederations
• Peer Groups
• Route Dampening
• Soft Reconfiguration
• Prefix List Vs. Extended ACL
6.Regular Expressions Route Redistribution
• Routing Protocol Nuances
7.Route Maps Multicast
• Multicast Concepts
• Multicast Addressing
• Distribution Trees
• Protocol Independent Multicast
• Multicast Stub Routing
• Multicast and Frame Relay
• Multicast to Broadcast Conversion
• Multicast Miscellaneous
• Session Directory Announcements


1.Network Time Protocol
2.Simple Network Management Protocol
3.Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
4.Router Redundancy
6. Access Lists
• Overview
• Examples
7.Tips and Tricks Tunnels
8.Network Address Translation
• Overview and Background
• Queuing Types
• Shaping and Policing
• Additional Management Techniques
10.Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing Reverse Path Forwarding
11.Quality of Service


The 12.2T Updates Include:

* OSPF LSAs, (will be added to the existing audio for OSPF)
* Multicast
o Bidirectional PIM
o MSDP and Anycast RP
* o Tools - MRM AAA Services
* Router Redundancy
* IP Event Dampening
* Mobile IP
* IP Version 6
o Overview
o Structure and Tidbits
o Configuration Commands
o Routing IP Version 6
o Likely scenarios for IP Version 6
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Iris Readiris Pro v11.5.6 MAC

Readiris Pro 11 is one of the most powerful and accurate OCR solutions designed for home and professional users. When you need to convert any paper, PDF or image documents into digital files that you can edit, share and save, Readiris Pro 11 will do it all. It retypes scanned documents and image files and converts PDF files in editable text, maintaining the original layout and offering an unprecedented speed and OCR accuracy. A powerful productivity booster for flatbed scanners, "all-in-one" devices, and digital cameras, Readiris Pro can revolutionize the way you scan and convert documents.

Document Preparation in Three Easy Steps

Turning hardcopy text, images or PDFs into editable text is as easy as 1,2,3. First, you scan your document with your flatbed scanner, or open a PDF file or image document. (Readiris Pro 11 is compatible with the most commonly used images and PDF files.). Once the file is opened in the software, you click on "recognize and save," and within seconds your document is converted into and editable digital file. The final step is to export your document into you favorite application, such as Word, Excel, Acrobat (PDF), Internet Explorer (HTML), and more.

Readiris Pro will save you incredible amounts of retyping time. The program's new OCR engine is optimized for speed and accuracy and features over 70 new major improvements from previous versions. Not only will Readiris Pro 11 give you 30 percent greater text accuracy, its advanced Autoformat technology perfectly retains the layout of the original document in the output. And most amazingly, it can perform these tasks with 126 languages. (The software's user interface is localized in 21 languages; see "System Requirements" for a list of the supported interface languages.)

The Ideal PDF Solution
Readiris Pro can open your PDF file (even read-only PDFs) and generate four different types of PDF files: fully searchable Image over Text, Text over Image, Text only and Image only. You can also edit your PDF into several of the supported output formats, such as Word and Excel. And when you need to scan text into a PDF file, Readiris Pro can do that as well. You can convert your incoming faxes, letters, or any paper documents into fully searchable PDF files quickly and accurately. It couldn't be any quicker or easier.

Multi-Page Scanning Ability and More

Readiris Pro features a convenient interval scanning mode that allows you to manually set the time interval between scans to greatly simplify the scanning process for multi-page documents on a flatbed scanner. This multi-page mode applies to both hard-copy as well as digital documents, such as such as TIFF or PDF files.

With support for the new Microsoft formats WordML and Spreadsheet ML, Readiris lets you accurately reproduce any kind of table in your Office documents. Based on XML, the new formats generate richer editing and formatting of files that are optimized for Windows Office 2003. Your tables can be perfectly reproduced in Excel 2003, retaining the text and even the colored background. Readiris Pro even lets you digitize hand-printed notes and 23 types of barcodes, including 2-D barcodes. The information contained in your barcode is automatically retyped into your application.
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Adobe Master Collection Lite

- Adobe Fireworks CS3
- Adobe Flash CS3 Video Encoder
- Adobe Flash CS3
- Adobe Illustrator CS3
- Adobe InCopy CS3
- Adobe InDesign CS3
- Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended + CameraRaw
- Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
- Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
- Adobe Soundbooth CS3
- Adobe After Effects CS3
- Adobe Bridge CS3
- Adobe Contribute CS3
- Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
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Mobile Pack


- Over 100 MB with Mobile Gamez for Simbian and Java with Screens...
- Over 50 MB of Midi's Collection
- Over 40 MB of Mp3 Rigtones included Borat and Some News..
- 3gp Player
- eBooks creator for mobile phones
- ImToo 3GP Video Converter (the Last Version)
- Winavi Video Converter
- Sony Ericsson last Theme Creator
- Series 60 Theme Creator
- SisXplorer Beta 0.8
- Spb Mobile Shell v1.5
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