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Paws Studio v3.2.0.5367 Enterprise (x86x64)

Security & Compliance Auditing Software for Auditing Network Devices Such as Workstations, Servers & Laptops.

Paws Studio uses the most trusted cyber security standards in the world to test and improve your security standards quickly and easily.

 Identify security vulnerabilities you might otherwise miss
 Become compliant with industry standards and regulatory requirements
 Create your own policies and audit your system against them
 Produce comprehensive, customized security compliance reports in seconds

 Installed in minutes, Paws Studio automates compliance and security policy audits, helping you reach your cyber security goals quickly and easily.

 It enables you to quickly audit against industry standard compliance policies, recommended best practice and government standards, and with the Policy Editor you can create and audit against your own policy too.

 Paws Studio is perfect for either one-off auditing or continuous monitoring. Its reports will help you become compliant with industry standards across your devices, such as laptops, workstations and servers.

 There’s no limit to the amount of times you can audit a device and our licensing model and per device pricing means that your license can grow with you. Paws Studio can scale to fit your network, no matter the size.

 The tool can be downloaded and installed in minutes. Multiple activation also means that it can be easily shared between an auditing team and used at multiple sites.

 The result? Automated audits dramatically improve your team’s efficiency. By quickly and easily auditing against industry standards and your own policies, you stay compliant, avoiding costly breaches and fines and reducing the risk of an attack.

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