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Franzis NEAT Projects Professional 1.13.02713 Multilingual

NEAT projects #1 a clear view of your motif on the fly. London, Paris, Rome: Hundreds of attractions with amazing photo ops. As usual, you’re not the only one trying to steal a glance or find the perfect perspective,

and more often than not this means that the hopes of getting a clear shot of your subject start to look rather bleak.  

Main Features:
 - Motion detection algorithms
 - Manual Corrections / Balance-painter
 - Motion Map Display
 - Synthetic Bracketing
 - For Mac and Windows
 - Can be used in various ways: NEAT projects #1 works as a plug-in to Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom®, and as a standalone application

NEAT Projects automatically removes all moving objects from your image:
 - With Neat projects you are guaranteed an obstructed view of your motif, no matter how many people may be standing in the way
 - NEAT projects completely eliminates clusters of people from pictures of your favorite attractions
 - NEAT projects is a brand new program that makes photography easier than ever and, in some situations, even possible.
 - You can visit all the museums and attractions stress-free, enjoy every moment and at the same time come home with photos which only you were able to capture.
 mount of sharpness in the right places. That’s why the sharpening process is one of the most important steps in professional photo editing.

The perfect solution:
 NEAT projects automatically removes all people, animals or vehicles obstructing a clear line of sight to your target and transforms your photograph into a real eye-catcher. It’s quite simple: You take multiple photos in a row—no tripod required—and, just like that, NEAT projects erases all moving people and objects, leaving you with an obstructed view of your subject.

What's New in NEAT projects professional 1.12:
 - Plug-ins for Lightroom (Version 4 and later)
 - Photo Limit for Image-sequencing
 - Motion detection algorithms
 - RAW-Formatting Support
 - RAW Development Module
 - Manual Corrections / Balance-painter
 - Motion Map Display
 - Synthetic Bracketing
 - Layered Editing
 - Variation Browser
 - Number of Presets
 - Selective Masking/Border recognition
 - Optimization Assistant
 - Image Cropping with 71 Presets
 - Scratch and sensory-error correction
 - Undo function/Project Timeline
 - Borderline Pixel Display for Printing Optimization
 - Comparative View configuration
 - Panorama Display
 - Image-sequence Display
 - Interface-style selection

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