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AppFalcon can thoroughly uninstall programs and delete their leftovers; uninstall programs not listed in Windows Programs and Features; remove leftovers of already partly deleted programs; in Windows Vista, 7, 8, and

Windows 10. AppFalcon detects and flags potentially unwanted apps as CrApps using our daily updated online database. Real-time detection and notification (on/off option). Find out which programs you can get rid of immediately.

 But what are CrApps? CrApp is a software that does one or more of the following:
 Deceives users by promoting a problem on your PC that does not exist
 Tricks users into installing and buying it
 Collects and sends private information without the users knowledge
 Changes system settings to make its removal difficult
 Tricks users to install other apps from which it gets paid per installation
 Changes system settings to take control over
 Detects and prevents system settings changes to stay in control
 Changes users search engine settings
 Installs toolbars that are difficult to remove.

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