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PDF Password Recover

PDF Password Recover provides you the solution of PDF password recovery. You can recover and reset the password for PDF documents via the ever easy-to-use application.

 We may all have ever encountered such situations that being rejected by password-protected PDF files which are of importance. Sometime we may forget the password of the PDF files. At this time, we need an efficient and neat software solution designed to remove or recover the password restrictions from protected PDF files. PDF Password Recover is the one that can instantly recover password locking documents.

 * Recover the User Password of PDF documents to open
 * Recover the Owner Password of PDF documents with permissions restricted
 * Recover the Password of PDF documents with multi-core CPU processing and GPU acceleration
 * Recover the Password of PDF documents without third-party software installed and support
 * Recover the Password of PDF documents on the latest Acrobat 10.0
 * Recover the Password of PDF documents within only several clicks
 * Easy and fast PDF Password Recovery with wizard-forward interface

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