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Corel iGrafx Origins Pro Multilingual

Grafx® Enterprise Central™ is an enterprise modeling solution that aligns company processes, resources, and systems with corporate goals and strategies. iGrafx Enterprise Central includes iGrafx Process Central and

enables compliance management, risk management, enterprise architecture and quality improvement initiatives. Through data integration and visual workflows, organizations develop comprehensive organizational models with multidimensional views of business processes, supporting systems, technology components and resources

Ideal for organizations engaged in:
- Enterprise Modeling
- Enterprise Architecture
- SOX Compliance
- IT Governance
- Risk Management
- Business Continuity
- Quality Management
- Six Sigma
- Lean Manufacturing
- ISO Certification
- Business Process Management

• Preparation of schemes of networks, processes, programs, organizational structures, etc.
• Simple, professionally-designed templates for the needs of any business
• Expanded opportunities to develop powerful custom solutions using VBA 6.0
• Unique, patented intelligent technology iShapes
• Full compatibility with Microsoft Office with the full support of the functionality of OLE.

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