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Musitek Music to XML v1.1

Whether you use Finale®, Sibelius®, Dorico®, Notion®, MuseScore®, Noteflight® or one of over 200 music programs that support MusicXML files, there is only one desktop app that will let you import your music directly into any or all of them…  

Music-to-XML converts printed music stored to PDF files as well as image files that you’ve scanned or captured from your mobile device easily, quickly and with astonishing accuracy.

 Music-to-XML desktop app uses the same world-class recognition technology as SmartScore X2 - powered by our proprietary Prodigy Engine®.

 Download and convert practically any PDF music file from the Internet. For scan-quality imaging from your mobile device, try using a scan-quality camera app such as TurboScan® or Genius Scan+. Send captured PDF scores to the cloud or to your computer ready to be processed by Music-to-XML.

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