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LC Technology PHOTORECOVERY Professional 2017 Multilingual

Recovers “once in a lifetime” moments thought to be lost forever! PHOTORECOVERY® 2017 recovery software is designed to recover digital images, movies and sound files from all types of digital media. It is the #1

data recovery software for Memory Stick™s, SmartMedia, CompactFlash I & II, Micro Drives, SD/XD cards, MMC, USB flash drives and most other forms of digital media. Simply attach the media to your computer (a card reader is recommended) and run PHOTORECOVERY® 2017. The pictures are automatically saved off to another location.  

Standard Features:
 - Recovers Image, Video, and Audio files
 - Recovers Documents, Spreadsheets, Text files, & more
 - Creates a backup image of your media card for archiving
 - Allows you to safely format and wipe media cards
 - Also supports RAW files and HD Video

Professional Features:
 - All the great features of PHOTORECOVERY® 2017 Standard plus:
 - Compatible with all camera formats – Digital Backs to Point-and-Shoot models
 - Includes Digital Media Doctor for Performance Testing and Media Restoration
 - Quickly Backup, Wipe, Format, and Restore your used Digital Memory Cards to “like new” Performance
 - Know when to replace your memory cards – before its too late!

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