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Abelssoft EverDoc 2017.v3.11

EverDoc - and you have everything at your fingertips!

Keep track
 EverDoc managed clearly all documents and formats: PDF, contracts, emails, and texts and other documents.  Already in the preview, you can scroll through the documents so quickly to get an overview.

It's that simple!
 In EverDoc you can decide how you wish to move your documents into the digital archive itself: Simply scan documents such as invoices and contracts a.
 Whether PDF, image, or mail: To print as usual from your document.  EverDoc automatically saves the document in the background and manages it for you!
 You want to give up printouts?  Then pull documents as PDFs directly drag & drop in EverDoc.  It supports the most popular file formats like Word, PDF, LibreOffice and OpenOffice.  Nothing could be easier document management!

OCR Text Recognition
 EverDoc can read documents by OCR text recognition.  In this way, texts can easily track specific information about the full-text search.

Safer with Backup
 The more you feed your digital document system with documents, the higher the demand for a stable and fail-safe system.  That's why we EverDoc equipped with a backup management.  Backups can be created in order to secure other data storage devices against loss by pressing a button.  Of course, the reverse path is equally comfortable.  Play with a few clicks, a backup again.  So your archive remains safe and they do not suffer any digital shipwreck!

Look no more, but find!
 Browse Dusty mountains of files belongs to the past.  You can sort by EverDoc documents clearly by date, title or chosen keywords.  If that's not enough, try the convenient full-text search.

Integrated cloud connection
 EverDoc detects and manages your documents on request, which will be popular cloud providers.

Already ready for Windows 10
 This program has been optimized for Windows 10th  That means for you: It does not matter which is installed on your Windows operating system, you can buy today and continue to use even in a move to Windows 10, the program easily.

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