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Abelssoft BeatStar 2017 v1.01.45

Discover and listen to radio stations for free

 BeatStar finds and plays Internet radio via mouse click - no running costs.

 Record and store radio songs for free

 Record music from Internet radio stations via mouse click and save it? No problem with BeatStar!

 Discover unlimited variety

 Thanks to a modern overview of genres you are able to explore the huge range of Internet radios intuitively and playfully.

 New generation radio player

 Choose any song you like from the Internet Radio with one mouse click. Whether rock, pop or country: With BeatStar you quickly can find the right radio station.

 Record music immediately

 Easily download any radio song with one mouse click and store it as MP3- or FLAC-file.

 Mood Mode

 A continuously matching background ensures good mood and is changing for each daytime.

 Genre- and favorites list

 Thanks to a modern overview of genres and favorites you will keep an overview of all channels and playfully explove new radio stations you could be interested in.

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