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Efficient Efficcess v5.22.528 Multilanguag

Efficcess is a full-featured and cross-platform personal information manager. Just comply with its work line: Make Schedule -> Remind -> Do it -> Check -> Done, your life will be much easier than ever! Besides,

Efficcess could help you synchronize contacts, tasks, appointments and notes across computers and mobile phones. Efficcess is the right information manager for you to improve efficiency and get organized!  

 Getting Things Done -- Best PIM Software for You to Manage Data On The Go!
 Manage Contact, Tasks, Event, Notes, Passwords on PCs or Phones
 No Training Class Needed: Easy to Sync, Use and Search
 Real Time Reminder Provided
 GTD Theory Followed
 Subgroup & Subtask Available
 Strong Document Editor like MS-Word

Key Features
 Easy to Sync
 You can finish synchronization across PCs and mobile phones just in 4 steps and manage your info at anytime and anywhere you want!

 With Efficcess (a PIM software program), you can manage contacts, appointments, tasks, diaries, notes, passwords, or any other information on both your PCs and mobile phones.

 Global Search
 According to some keywords, you can find your information just in one click.

 Import/Export & Printing
 It is available for you to import, export or print information at any time.

 Information Safety Safeguards
 Efficcess coded by one of the greatest encryption algorithms in the world. Besides, you can set passwords to protect your info as well. What’s more, you can recover mistakenly deleted data from recycle bin.

 Powerful Document Editor
 There is a MS-Word resembled document editor for you to write work diary, comments, notes or task details.

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