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ZABKAT xplorer2 Ult/ Pro v3.4.0.0 x64x86 Multilingual

Xplorer2 is what windows explorer should have been. We’ve kept the best bits and threw away the inconsistencies and irritations, all in a small and nimble, easy to use package. At first glance everything looks familiar:

the classic tree/view user interface, clean and clutter free, should get you started immediately. Xplorer2 will get you in all places you keep your digital wealth, including namespace extensions like FTP, zipfolders, webfolders (webDAV) etc.

•Browsing the shell namespace
•Managing files and folders
•Scrap containers
•Examine and maintain your filesystem
•Search for files and folders
•Automation of DOS (and windows) commands
•User Interface customization

Fast Free File Hosting

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