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Xvirus Personal Cleaner Pro 3.1.1

Xvirus Personal Cleaner - a useful tool for cleaning the system from the remnants of deleted programs, temporary files, browser, garbage and unused data, as well as optimize and configure your computer. After work

applications on the PC is a lot of different data that when you uninstall these applications are not removed.Xvirus System Cleaner scans the system for traces of unnecessary, including the registry, allowing you to free up space and improve overall stability.Also, the utility finds all temporary files created when using web-browsers, erasing which ensures your privacy and security on the Internet.

 In addition, there is further contains tools to optimize and control all processes of your machine: the search and clearing unused shortcuts, programs uninstaller, defragmenter, manager startup optimizer for games, general information about the system and "iron" and others.

 Takmi way to Xvirus System Cleaner Your PC will be cleaner, faster and more responsive, and you can fully control all the processes in the system, to get maximum performance configuration used.

PRO features:
 Privacy Shield
 Automatic scan
 Automatic updates
 Premium support

 Xvirus System Personal Pro is a capable application designed to help you keep your computer clean and optimize its performance. Moreover, you can fix registry entries, defragment disks and remove unnecessary, junk files. You can clear cookies, cache, history and temporary Internet files, in order to protect your online privacy.

 Clean your pc with just one click
 Tweak your pc in order to make it faster
 Easy to use and light
 Privacy Shield
 Automatic scan

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