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Avanquest InPixio Photo Maximizer v2.03.25799 Multilingual

Photo Maximizer is an easy to use photo editor that allows users to produce high resolution photos from any digital picture you have on your device. Whether you are zooming in on a small area of a photograph, or if

you are enlarging a smaller picture, Photo Maximizer will let you keep the quality and definition you desire in your photos.
Using Photo Maximizer, you can now capture pictures the way you intended. Capturing a photograph of a landscape or sunset is often difficult because it looks too distant in the photo. Or, perhaps you were trying to zoom in on a distant object like a bird or a statue, but it still looks too far away in your picture. Photo Maximizer allows you to quickly and easily zoom in on the specific details you wanted as the main focus of your picture, and then makes the adjustments to keep the sharpness and clarity you want. No pixilation, no blurry images, just perfect pictures.

1. Enlarge your photos by up to 1000%
2. Ultra powerful zoom with 9 different functions
3. Improve quality, clarity and contrast
4. Three stages – upload, select subject & zoom!

3 Simple Steps!
InPixio Photo Maximizer has been designed to be user-friendly and even includes a helpful wizard.

Before/after comparison
Display up to four different zoom settings simultaneously! Compare the images and choose the best result!

Enlarge photos on your PC, mobile, camera, etc.
Simply transfer your photos to your PC and zoom away!

Zoom your images and maintain extremely sharp edges
Usually when you enlarge an image you get pixilation and deterioration of colour and brightness. Photo Maximizer maintains image quality and undesirable noise. With InPixio Photo Maximizer say goodbye to pixelated, grainy and blurred photos when zooming in.

 - The 18 different zoom settings will allow you to enlarge your photo by up to 1000%
 - Try up to 4 types of zoom settings at the same time and choose the best one
 - Transfer photos to your PC from your camera, phone, or other devices and get zooming!

Batch processing – one thousand photos in one step (PRO version only)
Define your zoom settings and Photo Maximizer will batch process up to 1000 images simultaneously!

 - No more blurry, grainy quality when you try to enlarge your photos. Photo Maximizer produces high quality photos getting you clear, bright, sharp images.
 - Enlarge up to 1000 images at once with Batch Processing. Just set your zoom the way you like it and instantly get multiple pictures enlarged with the click of your mouse.

Print projects
Print your enlarged images as posters, photos for framing, t-shirts, postcards and more.

- Once you have the photos enlarged that you want you can create posters, wall displays, t-shirt images, and more. Have a large size poster hanging on your wall of your favourite vacation spot without losing any image quality.
- Enlarge pictures you have downloaded online

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