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Soda PDF HOME (x86x64) Multilangual

Soda PDF - a universal program, which includes all the necessary tools for working with PDF-files: viewing, creating, converting, editing, reviewing the PDF, as well as to insert graphics in PDF documents, creating and filling out forms.  

 It contains tools:
 View - to view PDF files in 3D with animated pages fast and easy reading with 3D page turning effect.
 Creation - Create PDF files from MS Word, Excel, and more than 300 file formats
 Conversion - Convert your PDF files directly in Word, Excel, HTML, and images
 Edit - Edit the PDF files by adding and moving text in a document
 Insert - insert items, pages and images in your PDF file
 Review of PDF files

 Converter - instantaneous conversion of PDF-files in the following formats:
 MS Word (Doc), MS Excel (Xls), HTML, plain text files (TXT).
 The image files (png, jpeg, gif).
 Editor - a set of tools to edit PDF-files:
 Change the font, size and color.
 Copy, cut, paste images.
 Moving and deleting pages.
 Splitting PDF-file for several documents.
 Reducing the size of a PDF-file.

 Insert - allows you to organize and categorize your PDF-files, adding and customizing the page elements and structure of the document:
 Adding new pages to a document.
 The numbering of pages and posting links.
 Placing images.
 Crop, trim, change the image resolution.
 Measuring and layout tools.

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