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SiteMonitor Enterprise 3.88

Use SiteMontior Enterprise to check your websites/hosts 24/7 and reduce downtime. Be the first to know when something wrong happens.


 SiteMonitor Enterprise is easy to install and configure. You can install it on any windows machine as long as it has internet connectivity. You can view the status of the monitored websites/hosts from anywhere since SiteMonitor Enterprise has it’s own web interface. On failure SiteMonitor Enterprise will send an Email and/or an SMS message.

 SiteMonitor Enterprise is ideal for server environments since it runs as a Windows Service. It can be configured using the SiteMonitor Enterprise Configuration Utility. Statistics gathered from websites are saved in CSV logs. These logs are used to generate response andserver uptime reports which are accessible from the SiteMonitor Enterprise web interface.

 SiteMonitor Enterprise Features
 Ping Web Site (http/https)
 Ping Host (ICMP Ping)
 DNS Check
 TCP:Protocol check
 Check that returned content is correct
 Tray Application
 Windows Service
 Checks if Internet Connection is available
 Send email notification on failure (using SMTP or GMail/Google)
 Send SMS Messages using Clickatell or BudgetSMS
 Response Graphs
 Up/Down Bar Charts

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