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PixelPlanet PdfEditor (x86/x64) Multilingual

PdfEditor facilitates both direct editing of text in PDF documents as well as the post-editing of graphics. Pages can also be added to or removed from an existing PDF document. PdfEditor stands out for its

straightforward and intuitive operation, which makes editing PDF files as easy as possible for less trained users, too.  

 Edit PDFs
 Directly in PdfEditor
 With PixelPlanet PdfEditor you can change all elements of PDF files:
 Page settings (dimensions, orientation, cropping)
 Add, delete, move or, split pdf pages
 Combine PDFs
 Change, remove, add and customize images, texts, drawings & vectors
 Change, add or remove forms and annotations / comments
 Completely and irretrievably delete content (redaction)
 and much more...

 Example: Edit text in PDF
 To edit text in PDF, open the desired document in PdfEditor and then click on the text that you want to edit.
 Use the cursor to highlight the text to be edited and make the desired changes.
 Of course, you can also add new text. Either manually using the keyboard or via copy & paste.

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