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proDAD Heroglyph (x86) / (x64) Multilingual

Heroglyph is the ultimate solution for creative cutters with higher needs.With Heroglyph you are able to create professional video titles and trailers.Heroglyph is very easy to handle and helps you to get

professional results.Create spectacular videos - with Heroglyph.

Advanced Videotitling and tricky text animation
Text including video, graphic, photo textures
Subtitles direct on video
Auto-animated text rolls like "Star Wars"
Text jitter and randomization

Path animation - sensational simply
Travelroute animation quite simply
Wandering (animated) symbols on routes or paths
Text on path (autom. character/word/object orientated)
animated Handwritings with no need for keyframing
Animated drawings

Trailer with customizable templates

Pros like the perfect rendering quality with razor sharp results - Creatives love the extensive Design, Layout and Effect customizations. All profit by the complete interactive user interface.

More than 300 enclosed templates and various built-in assistants guarantee fast high quality results.

Multivisions with countless video and photo sources
Videowalls in 3D space
Flying PiPs (picture-in-picture)
Video raster and splits
Auto-animated slideshows in 3D space

Compositions of photo/video/text
Lower thirds animations
Video/Photo/Textcombinations direct on video
Extensive layout functions and built-in assistants

Fast Free File Hosting

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