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dBpoweramp Music Converter R16.2 Reference Retail

Reference is the only version which has functionality to potentially make it better than EAC

Created for Audio Professionals and Enthusiasts, who demand more technical, features, and more pro-codecs (Codecs Pack).

* Supports IEEE floating point conversions (right through DSP effect chain), 16 CPU core capable encoder.

* VST and DirectX DSP effect support (Graphic EQ, ReplayGain, Volume Normalize, etc).

* Apply VST or DirectX DSP effects whilst converting.

* Reference supports up to 16 simultaneous CPUs when encoding

* AccurateRip v2:
Compares the results of CD rips with a database of CD rips by other users to see if the rip is accurate.

* Supports practically every audio format created: mp3, mp4, m4a (iTunes / iPod), wma, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Monkeys Audio, FLAC, wave, etc, etc.

* Rip Securely
Digitally record audio CDs, with C2 error pointer support,

* Windows Explorer Integration:
Right click > Convert To, popup info tips (bitrate, length), Explorer Columns, ID tag editing.

Select audio files in Explorer, right click, 'Convert To'

* Command Line Encoding convert using the command line,

* Script dBpoweramp programmatically using a COM object.

* Digitally Rip Audio CDs and compress to a multitude of audio formats,

* Convert between audio formats whilst preserving ID Tags.

* Volume Normalize & apply DSP effects.

* Preservation of ID Tags and Album Artwork, correct mapping of ID Tags between tag types.

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