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Summitsoft Avanquest Creative Fonts 5.0 Platinum Edition

Become creative with this collection of over 3000 commercial OpenType fonts and 2000 royalty free alphabet art. In addition, you get a 3D text software that turns flat standard text into a striking piece of art that

literally jumps from any website and print project directly into the eye of the beholder! All fonts are available in OpenType format and work smoothly in all programs like Adobe, Microsoft, Printshop, Logo Design Studio and many more.
Professional OpenType fonts for commercial use.
- New: Updated fonts management for easy installation and organization
- New: 3000 brand new OpenType fonts
- New: 2000 alphabet art pictures

Commercial Application Examples:
Web Development / Graphic Design, Creative Artists, Company Appearance (eg Logo), Game Development, Online & Print Magazines, Advertising, Catalogs, Brochures, Product Development and Design, Available everywhere!

All New in Version 5.0:
- NEW! 3000 brand new OpenType fonts
- NEW! Updated fonts management for easy installation and organization
- NEW! 2000 alphabet art pictures
- Complete character sets - including international special characters
- Highest quality
- Each font included
- Suitable for web and print
- High resolution in any size
- License-free use for commercial purposes
- 100% compatible with all programs

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