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Astra Image PLUS (x86x64)

Adjust the contrast at different scales with separate controls for shadows, midtones and highlights. Make your images really come alive with incredible detail. Our custom edge protection technology means no halos. Brilliant!  

Get the Features You Need to Reveal Every Last Detail:
 Deconvolution - Sharpen your images with six kinds of deconvolution.
 Multiscale Contrast - Get fine control over image contrast.
 Wavelet Sharpening - Bring out details at five different scales.
 Denoising - Remove noise and keep the details.
 (L)RGB Combine - Combine grayscale images into color.
 32-bit Floating-Point - High accuracy 32-bit processing used everywhere.
 Super Contrast - Adjust the contrast, texture sharpness and edge sharpness.
 Multiscale Sharpen - Sharpen very fine to very large details.
 Halo Control - Suppress halos to make sharpening visually appealing.
 Easy Printing - Position and scale interactively for easy printing.
 Statistics - Easy access to image statistics and metadata.

 File Formats
 -TIFF, JPEG, PNG, FITS (8, 16, 32-bit), BMP, HDR, EXR and many RAW formats.

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