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Jetico BestCrypt Container Encryption v9.03.11

Are your stored files protected from unwanted eyes? Lock up your private data - encrypt files and folders on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. BestCrypt Container Encryption provides painless encryption to store any selected files or folders on:

 Active computers.
 Shared workstations.
 Removable storage.
 Network storage.  

 Encrypted containers work like virtual drives – intuitively easy with transparent use and access to files. File encryption by Jetico delivers cross-platform compatibility: BestCrypt container files may be moved to any computer or storage media, working seamlessly between Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

New Features & Added Benefits in v.9

Support for Dynamic Containers
 Dynamic Containers allow your encrypted storage to expand as you go - maximum size is set at time of container creation, while actual container size grows as files are added.

 Smart Free Space Monitoring
 Version 9 is now smart enough to monitor and constantly indicate the amount of data that can be written to Dynamic Containers for optimized stability.

 Instant access to containers
 With BestCrypt users can start adding files immediately with instant access to encrypted containers. The BestCrypt container will finish encrypting in the background while users work with their sensitive information.

Support for Windows 10 Technical Preview
 BestCrypt users can now encrypt files on Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Improved security in new key generator
 Version 9 of BestCrypt Container Encryption delivers updated hash algorithms and support for hash-DRBG iteration count.

Overall improved performance
 Support for containers larger than 2 TB
 Hardware acceleration
 Overall performance boost for a 30% speed increase compared to version 8

New improved GUI
 Updated container creation interface and refreshed icons deliver an enhanced user experience.

Fast Free File Hosting

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