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Franzis CutOut 5 Elements Multilingual

Perfectly assemble your photos and remove annoying picture elements - with CutOut 5 elements you are the creative! Quickly and perfectly isolate your best models from the background and simply insert them into a different photo.  

Perfect release thanks to Chromakey technology
 This Chromakey technique comes from the film industry and is applied every day by professional model agencies, because it is the fastest way to solve people from the background. Finest details are retained, and the background color is completely out of the hair! To make it even more realistic, CutOut 5 elements provides a blur for the background.

Easy rework with "intelligent" tools
 Tip: Use the "smart eraser" to quickly remove annoying elements such as cars, high-voltage cables, road signs, etc. CutOut 5 elements - so simple and creative can be freed.

The TOP highlights of CutOut 5 elements:
 - NEW: now also for the Mac!
 - Share your images for web shops and online exposures, and remove distracting images.
 - The Chromakey method allows you to freely release models from a monochrome background.
 - Simple and precise release of hair, feathers, transparent substances, etc.
 - Ideal for fascinating portraits and product photos.
 - With clever eraser and correction brush for perfect image retouching.

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