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AEscripts + AEplugins GifGun 1.5 for Adobe After Effects

After Effects and Gifs are finally reunited! GifGun is the awesome new tool that finally brought After Effects and Gifs together after a long time apart. Yes, one-click animated .gif render for Dribbbble, Behance and more – right within After Effects.

Version 1.5 is here!
Batch Render! (Render multiple compositions in 1 click) | Progressive Render (Increases render speeds dramatically)

The workflow is one-click
We made interface super-slick so it won't take much of your space.

Settings are easy
We believe a properly engineered tool needs no tutorial, so we will just list our features.

Set default gif folder
Ideal for Dropbox or other cloud sync. Or save into the Project folder.

Resize gif
Yes, we resize keeping width/height ratio.

Adjust color paletter
256/128 colors for best quality or 64/32 for weight. 8 for fun.

Set framerate
"as comp" will use composition fps settings. Which is obvious.

Save rendered file
We remove the temporary file by default, but if you need it...

Choose not to loop GIF
Yeah, some people really ned unlooped GIFs.

What's New in Version 1.5:
- Batch render (select multiple compositions and click "Make Gif")
- Increased render speed with Progressive Render feature (CC2015.3 and up)

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