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RealVNC Enterprise 6.0.2

RealVNC - system implements remote administration using the protocol RFB (Remote FrameBuffer). Many PC users often need to access your computer without being this close to him. In such a situation may be

useful VNC.Programma program consists of server and client side (server side must be installed on the computer that you want to gain remote access). From many other similar programs is characterized by simple installation and configuration. VNC lets you work with the same desktop computer with a variety of platforms. Thus, users of Windows operating systems can easily work with desktop remote server that is running the operating system Unix.
Minutes of VNC, which uses a program is a simple protocol remote access to graphical user interface. The basis of this protocol on a simple principle: to display a rectangle containing the pixel data in the given coordinates x and y. Due to the different coding schemes such seemingly inefficient way to display the components of the interface becomes a powerful tool for transferring graphic information.
VNC It consists of two components: server and client. VNC-server generates a display image, and subsequently the user sees on his screen. VNC-client, connecting to the VNC-server, constantly asks for an updated image of the display at the VNC-server. At high speeds, connection requests are carried out very often, which allows the user to see a smooth picture when you move the desktop components such as windows running programs. At low speeds the above requests are done less frequently, which may affect the display of graphical objects changing their positions or when the information contained therein.
VNC Enterprise Edition - a product for Windows, Unix and Mac, which includes a full security architecture, built-in transmitter files and advanced tools for framing. For businesses of all sizes. From start to finish, designed and created the first developers of VNC, Enterprise Edition provides security, stability and easily controlled by remote control with a minimum of interference.
 • Built-in sessions, provides protection from connection tracking, attacks to intercept packets of data and information, and much more.
 • Authorization Server uses 2048-bit RSA keys to verify identity.
 • Authorization user name and password supports up to 256 characters.
 • Secure communications with 128-bit AES - the choice of experts for high-quality encryption.
 • Platform-Native Authentication eliminates the need for separate VNC and system passwords. Members get access to desktops, using the same username and password as the login. For Windows, this is the identification of a NT-Domain or Active Directory, and for Unix - via NIS / NIS +.
 • Single HTTP & VNC allows VNC Server to serve VNC Viewer for Java and VNC sessions through a single TCP port, simplifying NAT and firewall.
 • Scaling the desktop to a certain size, in certain proportions, no matter what size you choose.
 • Cross-platform interaction with the rest of the VNC Enterprise.
 • File Transfer lets you copy files between your server and viewer computers over the connection VNC, without the need for additional settings.
 • Tools for Windows help equip automation equipment and software configuration of VNC across your enterprise.
RealVNC is a server and client application for the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) protocol to control another computer's screen remotely. RealVNC is produced by the company RealVNC Ltd., Which was founded by the same AT & T team that created the original VNC program. RealVNC can be seen as a continuation of the original VNC program. RealVNC runs on Windows, Mac OS X (Enterprise edition only), and many Unix-like operating systems (Free & Enterprise editions only). There is also a RealVNC client which runs on the Java platform. There are beta versions of the Enterprise edition for Pocket PC and 'VNC-over-HTTP' tunnelling for Windows and Linux.
VNC has a wide range of applications including system administration, IT support and helpdesks. It can also be used to support the mobile user, both for hot desking within the enterprise and also to provide remote access at home, or on the road. The system allows several connections to the same desktop, providing an invaluable tool for collaborative or shared working in the workplace or classroom. Computer support within the geographically spread family is an ever popular use.
For the individual user, one common scenario is using VNC to help troubleshoot the computer of a distant less-technically-savvy relative. In other words, sitting at your desk in Baltimore, you could use VNC to take control of your relative's PC in California and show them how to install and use some new software package by actually doing it yourself.
A very common business application of VNC is in remote system administration, where it is used to allow administrators to take control of employee machines to diagnose and fix problems, or to access and administer server machines without making a trip to the console. VNC can also be used to provide a flexible hot-desking and road-warrior environment by allowing employees to access their office desktop and server machines from any machine in the company's offices or from other remote sites, regardless of the type of computers involved at either end.
VNC is widely used in educational contexts, for example to allow a distributed group of students simultaneously to view a computer screen being manipulated by an instructor, or to allow the instructor to take control of the students' computers to provide assistance. Of course, as these examples illustrate, the variety of uses of VNC is really as diverse as the many millions of VNC users.

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