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XLineSoft PHPRunner Professional 9.0 Build 27012

PHPRunner is a practical and reliable application geared toward web developers who need to create various PHP pages in order to modify any local or remote database. The application enables you to build a complete

web application with multiple web pages all tied together. Irrespective of which database you choose to connect to, be it MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server or SQLite, to name a few, PHPRunner guides you through all the steps required to build PHP files. Also, if you don’t have a database, the utility will help you to create a new one.  

 After specifying the project’s name and configuring the database you want to connect to, PHPRunner will display all the available tables in the left panel. This way, you are able to preview all the available reports, charts and tables so you can map them through their primary keys.

 The next step of the application allows you to add new tables and group them the way you want or write SQL scripts manually.

 What’s more, the application provides a large number of templates you can choose from. All of them are easy to work with and completely customizable. This way, you can choose the template you are interested in and use it as a standalone website or integrate it with other web applications.

 After configuring the project settings according to your needs, you can customize the look and feel of your application by adding new pages, headers and buttons using the left panel. The ‘Visual Editor’ feature allows you to drag and drop the objects around the page and place them to the preferred position.

 Another functionality of the program is that it enables you to build interactive charts and reports with ease.

 When you finished to build your web application, PHPRunner enables you to view it in your default browser or simply upload it to a FTP server.

 To wrap it up, PHPRunner comes in handy for users who need to customize the website the way they want by using various templates, color themes and layouts and connect to whatsoever database they want, be it local or remote.

• Easy to use wizard-like interface
• Generates 100% pure PHP code
• Numerous search modes
• Add, view, edit and delete pages
• Creates password protected PHP pages

New in version 9.0 Build 27012
• fixed gauge charts in dashboards
• fixed details tab still visible when 'Hide link if no child records exist' option is turned on

• Internet Information Server (5.x or later) or Apache
• PHP 5.x or later

Supported databases
• MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x
• Microsoft SQL Server
• PostgreSQL
• Oracle
• Microsoft Access
• DB2
• Informix
• SQLite
• Any ODBC-enabled databas

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