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FanDev CuteDCPTools 1.0.22 for Adobe After Effects

CuteDCPTools - Adobe After Effects Plug-in. A toolbox for your DCPs. CuteDCPTools is an toolbox plug-in which allows users to import existing DCPs into After Effects. While imported in After Effects users can make changes.

Users can make changes like:
- Update the content titles for the DCP
- Adding new reels
- Split the DCP into reels
- Updating audio and video tracks without doing any encodings
- Create new compositions with language adaptions, subtitles or audio
- Imported subtitles can be edited and re-timed.
- Then RePackage and export the new DCP

Feature Overview:
- Import DCPs
- RePackage and export the modified DCP
- Title Helper tool
- Import subtitles (SMPTE and Cinecanvas)
- Export subtitles (SMPTE and Cinecanvas)

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