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Dekart Logon 2.22 Multilingual

Strong two and three-factor authentication for Windows, Active Directory and Novell eDirectory. A PIN-protected smart card, token or USB drive is used to unlock the system; biometric identification can be added as another security layer.  

 Randomly generated strong passwords are kept on a key
 No need to memorize long and complex passwords
 Multiple user accounts can be stored on a smart card
 Compatible with a broad range of security hardware

 Multi-factor authentication – strong encryption algorithms combined with biometric identification protect you from identity theft. Logon for Windows brings multiple authentication factors to your fingertips.
 Quick authentication – no need to type passwords manually, no chance to make a typo or accidentally lock yourself out of your account. Authentication is fast and error-proof.
 Quick locking – Logon for Windows can be configured to lock the computer or to log off from Windows the smart card, token or USB drive is removed.
 Security hardware of different brands can be used – various smart cards, tokens and biometric scanners can be chosen to offer a better integration into your infrastructure.
 Authentication for multiple users and domains Logon can be configured to logon to several workstations and domains with the use of a single authentication device. The system can be set up to allow several cards to logon to a single computer.
 Scalability – Logon for Windows is suitable for single-user environments as well as for large corporate networks.

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