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GetData Mount Image Pro (x86x64)

Mount Image Pro is a computer forensics tool for Computer Forensics investigations

It enables the mounting of:
EnCase .E01, .L01
AccessData FTK .E01, .AD1
Unix/Linux DD and RAW images
Forensic File Format .AFF
ISO (CD and DVD images)
Microsoft VHD
Apple DMG

image files as a drive letter under the Windows file system.

Key Features
Map images as a single drive letter to explore "Unused/Non partitioned" disk space or map specific drive letters to any or all partitions within the image files.
Use third party tools such as Recover My Files without the need to restore images to another PC. Now you can develop or use your own tools without the limitations a scripting language.
You do not need to have EnCase installed nor do your require an EnCase dongle to use Mount Image Pro. This gives you and your clients total flexibility when dealing with EnCase evidence files.

Maintain Forensic Integrity

It fully maintains the MD5 HASH integrity which can be tested by a reacquisition of the mounted drive and a comparison of MD5 checksums. It also will open EnCase password protected image files without the password.

Who is using Mount Image Pro:

Our key clients include:
USA Military Investigations
Corporate Investigations
Major Law Firms
State and Federal law enforcement agencies

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