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Spansoft Kith and Kin Pro v3.2.6

Kith and Kin Pro is a genealogy software package for storing, querying and documenting family trees. It features a unique, easy to use graphical interface and powerful data management tools which makes it ideal for large or small trees.

- Runs under Windows 98, Me, 2k, NT4, XP, Vista, Win7 (32bit and 64bit).
 - Unique family tree display on screen lets you easily navigate your data.
 - Source document recording. Each field in a person or family data form has a button which lets you record a source reference for that field. The reference points to a page in a source document and the document points to a repository where the document is kept.
 - Export reports to Adobe PDF files which can be read by anyone with the free Adobe Acrobat reader.
 - Web page production. Completely automatic; all you have to do is upload the files to your Web site.
 - Simple searches. Type the text into the field you want to search for and click "Search".
 - Search for similar sounding surnames using Metaphone and Soundex.
 - SQL queries (Structured Query Language) for complex searching and producing custom list reports and text files.
 - Unlimited user-defined fields in both people and families. You can choose the field type; string, date, etc.
 - Almost unlimited storage. 2,100 million of any one record type in any tree.
 - Full GEDCOM V5.5 implementation. Registered with the LDS for Ancestral File and TempleReady submissions.
 - Multiple pictures can be associated with people, families and sources. Pictures can be included in Details reports and Web pages.
 - OLE objects can be associated with people or families. This allows you to store multi-media items such as video or sounds.
 - Duplicate record searching/removal assistance. If you regularly import or merge data with your existing trees, Kith and Kin Pro will help you identify, merge and remove duplicated records.
 - Multiple notes for each person/family. Each note allows 30,000 characters and you can have as many notes as you want. Give each note a description to help you find it and a privacy level to let you control when it gets printed or exported.
 - Data form edit fields pick lists. Right-click on, say, a "Place" field in a person or family data form and a list of the places which you have already used pops up. You just pick the one you want to get it entered into the field with no typing.
 - Easily interfaces to TreeDraw, our best-selling add-on charting software.

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