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Wordaizer+ 4.0 Build 128 Multilingual

Wordaizer is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable users to create pictures with word clouds. Wordaizer is very similar to Wordle. It allows you to load a text file containing words and instantly generates a

word cloud. In addition, you get to customize shapes and colors and even to animate the designs.

with Wordaizer you can:
 Create word clouds
 Apply masks to create precise word cloud shapes
 Be surprised: a random word cloud generator
 Save and print the resulting picture
 Save and load projects to repeat a word cloud

Whats New :
 * Minor and major code optimalisations
 * New text editor features added
 * Major improvement of character exclusions
 * Improved accuracy for curved words
 * Fixed a few minor bugs
 * Improved stability
 * Simplified interface for masks
 * Added Danish translation

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