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LiteManager Pro 4.8.0 Multilingual

LiteManager Pro — is a fast, secure and easy to use Remote Control Software that allows you to Control Remote PC from anywhere. You see the remote computer screen in a resizable window and can control the

remote computer with your mouse and keyboard. Besides mouse and keyboard control, LiteManager offers a number of other tools useful for a system administrator, for example, file transfer, a task manager, remote launch, capturing sound from the remote computer and much more.

 Key Features.
 Remote control / Remote viewing.
 File Transferring.
 Remote task manager
 Power management.
 Text chat.
 Device manager.
 Screen recorder.
 Network map.
 Connecting with a dynamic IP.
 Remote installation.
 Server search.
 Registry editor.

 Internet and Networks utils.
 Remote installation.
 Callback connection.
 Cascade connection.
 Network map.
 Server search.
 Event log.
 IP Filter.

 Other features.
 Capture sound.
 Drag & Drop.
 Windows 8.
 Support multimonitors systems.
 Locking the screen and keyboard.
 Protection options with a password.
 Support system clipboard.

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