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PixelPlanet PdfGrabber Professional Multilingual

PdfGrabber Professional allows you to easily convert PDF-documents in all key formats and back to PDF, PDF-through the virtual printer. When the conversion preserves the application of original fonts, document

attachments and formatting. Does your editor to determine what part or element of the document will be exported, which converted, and what to delete (text, forms, links, annotations, images, digital signatures, etc.). The choice of converting the entire document page by page range and so on. Allows you to create profiles of export and conversion, automatic monitoring of incoming folders, and various command line parameters, etc etc.

Convert PDF documents quickly and easily into all key formats. Use the original fonts embedded in the PDF for even closer adherence to the original layout. Use the content editor to select which part of the PDF is to be exported, or convert the whole PDF. Remote control via command line, monitored folders and COM interface make daily tasks easier. Network licenses allow simultaneous export of PDFs for multiple users in a network. Decide whether images are to be exported, or convert the whole PDF into an image.

This version is geared toward professional users who have to export PDF files frequently. The additional features offered by this version include the output formats DXF / AutoCAD (with PDF layer support), PowerPoint and XML, the ability to export several PDF files simultaneously and the option of remote control via the command line or 'Monitored Folder' function.

Some features PdfGrabber:

- Export the contents of a PDF file in various formats (XLS, DOC, RTF, TXT, DXF / AutoCAD, PowerPoint, etc.).
- Extensive export profile settings.
- Select the output folder.
- Start the program from the command line.
- Automatic monitoring of different incoming folders with different profiles of exports.
- Support method Drag'n'drop.
- Export a range of pages (everything from one to another individual).
- Export the contents of the range (top, bottom of the page, the beginning of the document, the end of the document).
- Selection of items to be exported (text, forms, links, annotations, images, digital signatures, etc.).

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