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CyberLink LabelPrint Multilingual

Quick and Easy Label Production
CyberLink LabelPrint provides a simple approach to creating professional labels, offering a wizard-based guide through the entire production

process. Users progress step-by-step, selecting their template type, disc information, text layout, background image, and print destination.

Automatic Importing of Music Information
Users working with MP3 audio files can Create numbered track lists quickly, simply by selecting the files they have added to their disc. The information is automatically transferred Between layout templates, enabling users to create labels, jewel-case covers and inlays in one go.

High-Resolution Images
LabelPrint includes high-resolution images available in a choice of 15 popular themes, including Travel and Happy Birthday. Users can also import their own images files and then stretch, tile or crop them to fit their label and cover designs.

Integration with CyberLink Products
While LabelPrint is designed to operate as a standalone product, it perfectly Complements other applications requiring label printing. Users can access label-printing features via the PowerStarter interface in CyberLink DVD Solution, as well as from within coming versions of Power2Go, PowerProducer, and PowerDirector.

Key Features:
Create labels, covers and jewel-case inlays easily
Design professional layouts with built-in high-res backgrounds
Personalize designs by importing photos
Auto-import MP3 songs and playlist information

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