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eWorld JPEG Recovery Pro v6.1

Do you find that some photos recovered by digital photo recovery software are corrupted, e.g.:


Splits into two (or even more) parts, and In between there is part of another photo, and The color of the lower part(s) may be changed, and There is a shift of the contents of the photo Or, the upper portion of the photo is in one file and the lower portion is in another file. If you have such photos (see our sample pages) and don't know how to repair them, our JPEG Photo Recovery may help you to recover the original image.


Handle Different JPEG Encodings JPEG Recovery can handle most of the JPEG pictures encoded by digital cameras. No knowledge on JPEG is required. Bulk Recovery Support recovery of all pictures in a folder, and optionally pictures in the sub folders. Ease of Use Easy-to-use user interface. Select the unwanted parts on the photo using your mouse and then JPEG Recovery will remove them. Try before Buy Trial version allows you to test your picture(s) and save a sample (with watermark) to ensure proper recovery.



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