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TunesKit v2.8.5.115

TunesKit is a straightforward application that allows you to quickly convert iTunes purchased movies or TV shows to lossless M4V videos. The program is capable of removing the DRM protection from the purchased iTunes movies/episodes, thus allowing you to play them on different platforms.


Quick DRM remover TunesKit is a suitable tool for users who wish to convert iTunes purchases or rentals to M4V videos that you can watch with other players or on media rendering devices. Whether you have bought or rented a movie, a series or an episode with iTunes, the DRM protection prevents you from transferring it to another platform. TunesKit works tightly with iTunes, being able of importing the files straight from its library. It can process any supported item, as long as it features in the import window. The program allows you to select the desired audio or video tracks, if the file features several of either. Moreover, it can batch process the files in the list. Protection removal and conversion Once you have imported the files into TunesKit, it can immediately process them. The task implies reading the file contents and moving them in a .M4V file, with no DRM protection. The output file is sent to the indicated folder, where you may view and move it. The program indicates the number of recent converted items, after the task is finished and allows you to preview the titles that were processed. You may access the output folder with one click. The converted files can be rendered with media players that support the format or moved onto multimedia playing devices. Watch iTunes movies on tablets or smartphones TunesKit is a simple to use application, designed especially for converting movies from iTunes. It does not support importing files from local folders and does not recognize items in the iTunes libraries that do not feature the DRM lock. However, it can perform its task in a short time, allowing you to enjoy watching movies on various portable devices.



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