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Snap 6

Photocomander 10

Burning Studio 2013

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Patriot Suvival Guide
What You'll Receive:

7 Down-n-Dirty Video Survival Modules revealing life-saving secrets every American must know...
Insider's-Only Patriot Survival Plan to keep your family safe in the coming U.S. disasters...
Military Special Forces Style Tactics to build your personal "mental armor"...
Fearsome-Fighter Food Stockpiling tricks to keep your family well fed...
This Extreme Disaster Survival Playbook will unleash near-classified survival
tactics to handle the most extreme situations...
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No subject

 I tried to download a program posted on Kingfiles and, when I hit the wrong download button,was taken to the page you see above. I was shocked untill I realized that the location and the IP address was wrong! to get your browser back simply restart your computer. For Gods sake don't send them money! I ran spyhunter 4 and it (the page) didn't drop anything on me. Still I think I'll avoid Kingfiles in the future. You guys run a great site it would be a shame to have things like this ruin it for you. keep up the good work!



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a F**k up on yahoo
I captured this on yahoo one morning. It was quickly cleaned up!
Posted in jokes by cybertramp on Jan. 11, 2012 // 13:11 | Comments (1)
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