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Soccer Cup Solitaire v2.0 Portable

Soccer Cup Solitaire v2.0 Portable | 33.2 MB

Pass some time and shoot for the win with
Soccer Cup Solitaire! Choose one of over
50 international soccer teams and guide
them to victory with fast-paced card-matching
action. Get into the game by chaining together
passing combos to increase your score. Every
point earned brings you closer to scoring the
winning goal! Collect Wild Cards and Bonus Cards,
and use them to press your advantage on your quest
to find the net. Are you ready to square off against
the likes of Brazil, England, Spain and the USA?
Each team you defeat is one more step on the road
to the Cup! It’s the world’s favorite sport and
the world’s favorite pastime, together at last!


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Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood

Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood [FINAL]

Return a valuable idol to a tribe in Kate Arrow Deserted Wood!
Help Kate travel deep into the jungle and find her grandfather
in this fun Hidden Object game. Pack your bags and use your wits
to avoid dangerous situations, and tac-cm make it through a plane
crash! Track down your grandfather and deliver the powerful idol
that he has promised to the tribe that saved his life many years ago.
Set off on adventure in Kate Arrow Deserted Wood!

*Gorgeous graphics
*Wonderful gameplay
*Return the idol!



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A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets

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Midnight Mysteries The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy

      Midnight Mysteries The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy v1.4
Solve the mystery of Poes death  the clocks ticking! A 160-year-old mystery, 30 ghosts from the past, and only 24 hours to piece all of the clues together! In this chilling tale of the mysterious and untimely death of Edgar Allan Poe, youll take a shadowy journey to try to solve the mystery of his death. As a famed mystery writer, youre looking for your next cold case to crack when an unexpected visitor hands you an invitation and the perfect case to get your career moving again.

In this seek and find adventure, youll travel through the tales of Edgar Allan Poe to collect clues, interview witnesses and piece together the conspiracy behind the death of one of Americas greatest writers.
Who killed Edgar? Was it the publisher? His fiances brothers? Or could it be that Poe knew too many secrets about the wealthy storeowner? You have 24 hours and ghosts of the past to guide you through Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy!

Celebrate 200 years of Poe in this seek and find murder mystery
Hidden object adventure lets you crack a 160-year-old case
Guided by Poe himself, youll collect items and clues through his most famous works
Solve intriguing puzzles to figure out exactly whodunit!


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Dream Chronicles The Book of Air Collector's Edition


 Dream Chronicles The Book of Air Collector's Edition

Dive into the magic world with Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air game. Step into the shoes of Lyra, a child born to a fairy and a mortal. The adventure begins when Lyra gets in another dimension similar to her own. And only the Clockmaker can help the little fairy find her way home. Travel through the magic kingdom of dreams with the help of Lyra father’s flying device in search for the Clockmaker’s traces and help Lyra come back home!

*Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air is the first chapter in a new trilogy about the fairy’s adventures. The game mixes hidden object and puzzle genres and features a catching story with cute characters, 30 unique scenes and 14 eye-catching locations to explore.

*Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air game offers dozens of tricky puzzles to solve, loads of cleverly hidden objects to find and Casual and Challenging game modes to choose from. Download the game and enjoy tac-cm rocks polished graphics, nice audios and the charming atmosphere of the Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air!

14 stunning locations to explore
30 different scenes to enjoy
Casual and Challenging game modes to play
Thrilling story to follow
Immersive atmosphere



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Ancient Adventures - Gift of Zeus

             Ancient Adventures - Gift of Zeus [FINAL] |

Go on an Ancient Adventure to Egypt and find the fantastic Gift of Zeus in this fun and exciting Hidden Object game! Join our heroine as she tries to learn the secrets of the Athens’ catacombs and collect the precious pearls that are needed to protect the gods! Explore gorgeous levels, and go on a one-of-a-kind journey in Ancient Adventures – Gift of Zeus today!




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Cleopatra: A Queen's Destiny


                    Cleopatra: A Queen's Destiny [BFG FINAL]

Help Thomas find his master Akkad and fulfill a prophecy! Akkad was on a quest from Cleopatra herself, in an attempt to end a civil war, when he and his daughter were kidnapped by the opposition. It is now up to Thomas to track down Akkad and the love of his life, Iris, and become a hero to all of Alexandria! Cleopatra: A Queen`s Destiny is an Adventure game that will test out your wits and challenge your ingenuity!


Thanks Tac man

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Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal


                        Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal [FINAL]

 Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal is a truly unique casual downloadable game, that successfully blends original adventure mechanics, hidden object gameplay and a truly engaging and humorous story. The game takes place in a lush fantasy world, known as the Magical Realm, that is inhabited by mystical creatures and people. Together with Brunhilda and her demon companion you'll leave the crowded streets of New York through a magical portal situated in your aunts apartment. According to an ancient prophecy, only you can journey through 10 mysterious lands of the Magical Realm and unravel the mystery of fading magic! Dragons sleeping over pots of gold, pirates flying in their airships, deceptive flesh eating fairies, skilful goblins, giant trolls and wicked witches - will they all stand in your way? Or will they help you master the arcane minigames of Alchemy, Wizardry and Telepathy? It's all for you to discover in the magical adventures of Brunhilda!


thanx to THETA

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Blood Oath [FINAL]


                            Blood Oath [FINAL]

With no memories of your past life and a never-ending hunger, it’s time to embrace your new life as a vampire in this fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Avoid the dangerous vampire hunters, as you explore a dark world with a new obstacle around every corner. Can you hit the ground running and survive the terrifying world you have been pulled into? Arise from the dead, and dive into Blood Oath today!

Dark atmosphere
Tricky puzzles
Become a vampire!


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Cake Mania 5 Lights Camera Action


                          Cake Mania 5 Lights Camera Action

Return to Jill Evans'™ hometown of Bakersfield in Sandlot Games’ Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action!™, the highly anticipated fifth chapter in one of the most popular time management series of all-time! Download Game and Play for Free! Now an attractive and quaint tourist destination bustling with new stores, Bakersfield has caught the eye of Hollywood producers scouting locations to film their next big action blockbuster. As production gets underway, Bakersfield is overrun with all-new eccentric personalities determined to mix and mingle with the locals. With the influx of customers, help Jack and Jill keep the Evans Bakery running smoothly as they prepare for the arrival of their new baby. Across town, help Chef Gordo grow his burgeoning Italian restaurant and assist Risha with her fashionable new boutique. With updated shop mechanics, equipment upgrades, mouth-watering recipes, and an all-new Relaxed Mode, you’ll have Bakersfield on the A-list in no time!


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