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Leakage Resilient Password Systems
Leakage Resilient Password Systems

Leakage Resilient Password Systems
Springer | Computer Science | April 23 2015 | ISBN-10: 3319175025 | 64 pages | pdf | 2.53 mb

by Yingjiu Li (Author), Qiang Yan (Author), Robert H. Deng (Author)

About this Book
This book investigates tradeoff between security and usability in designing leakage resilient password systems (LRP) and introduces two practical LRP systems named Cover Pad and ShadowKey. It demonstrates that existing LRP systems are subject to both brute force attacks and statistical attacks and that these attacks cannot be effectively mitigated without sacrificing the usability of LRP systems. Quantitative analysis proves that a secure LRP system in practical settings imposes a considerable amount of cognitive workload unless certain secure channels are involved. The book introduces a secure and practical LRP system, named Cover Pad, for password entry on touch-screen mobile devices. Cover Pad leverages a temporary secure channel between a user and a touch screen which can be easily realized by placing a hand shielding gesture on the touch screen.



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