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AVG Anti-Virus Professional Edition v7.5.472 Build 1024 Multilingual



Security protection against viruses, worms, trojans and potentially unwanted programs.


    * Easy to use protection – install and forget
    * New program versions and updates, for free, throughout the license duration
    * Quality proven by all major antivirus certifications
    * 24/7 technical support provided at no extra cost
    * Improved virus detection based on better heuristics and NTFS data streams scanning
    * Smaller installation and update files
    * Improved user interface

Platform Operational System:

MS Windows 98    
MS Windows Me
MS Windows NT
MS Windows 2000
MS Windows XP
MS Windows XP Pro x64 Edition    
MS Windows Vista
MS Windows Vista x64 Edition


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100 Happy Money 3D Screensaver v2.33




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Print Inspector v6.0




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Proxifier v2.6




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RuntimeChecker v1.5.0


RuntimeChecker is a powerful tool that detects memory leak for windows applications developed by visual c++.


1. No recompile and no relink.
2. Clean result. Because RuntimeChecker is a dedicated software to check memory leak, the result is very clean and straightforward. You would not be confused by a lot of unrelated or wrong information.
3. High performance. It can be used for load/stress test.
4. Easy to use.
5. Start a process from RuntimeChecker or attach to a running process.
6. Export/Import memory leak result at any time.


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N-Ball v2.2

N-Ball is a crazy physics-based 2D platform. In this game you control N-Ball, a kind of ever burning plasma ball, through 40 levels full of platforms, ropes, swings, vehicles and lots of other wierd structures. And with the editor you can also create your own levels or play those made by your friends! A bit tricky at first but lots of fun once you get the hang of it!



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DVDInfoPro v4.635


# Blu-ray and HD-DVD support
# New PIPO data & graphical save formats (PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP>
# Recognition of Blu ray technologies
# New Benq fast PIPO scanning for 8x and 16x drives
# New DC Erase function for Nu burners restores RW media to brand new
# New Colour options for graphs and plotting via colour picker
# New DVD-RDL, DVD+RDL (Double Layer) support added
# LG, BENQ, NU, NEC, BTC, Liteon, Micro Advantage bitsetting added
# Access to new DVD-R/RW bitsetting functions added by Nu, BTC and Micro Advantage
# New Media revision field added to Media info
# CD/DVD Speed & Error Test functions
# Expanded Drive & Media Info sections.
# Recognition of DDCD, HD-BURN & Mt Rainier technologies
# Check for program update on web feature.
# Regular updates.
# And More...



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AutoRun Typhoon III Professional v3.2.4

AutoRun Typhoon employs a completely visual point-and-click interface that makes it easy for you to create powerful CD/DVD presentations.

Assemble your project using Menus, Splash Screens, SlideShows, Videos, Flash and more. Then protect your project with the most extensive security system on the market.

Trusted by over 12,000 professionals in 90 countries worldwide, AutoRun Typhoon is the industry standard when it comes to CD/DVD software.

Deliver Professional Results
The bottom line is that you need the best possible tool, which produces the best possible results at the best possible price. AutoRun Typhoon delivers on all accounts. Not only do you have the most powerful presentation tool on the market, but AutoRun Typhoon's drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to produce amazing presentations in no time at all. There is simply no easier way to enhance your CD/DVDs.     

Create Stunning Menus
The sky is the limit when creating your custom Menus. Only AutoRun Typhoon allows you to place Web Pages, Videos, SlideShows, and Flash Animations on your Menus, along with images, text, and buttons to create truly dynamic presentations. Designing your Menus is easy with our drag-and-drop WYSIWYG Menu editor - no programming required!     

More than just Menus
Most CD Menu software is just that, menus only. With AutoRun Typhoon, Menus are just 1 of 11 powerful Viewers you can use. Create slideshows with your own images and music, create MP3 music CDs that play with your own customized media player, install your software on your customer's computer, create your own shareware CD's protected with security and expiration dates, and much, much more. The possibilities are endless!

Supported Platforms

Windows Vista
Windows 2003
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 98 SE
Windows 98
Windows 95



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WinSpeedUp v2.8 Multilingual

WinSpeedUp is a tuning and optimizing program for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003 and Windows Vista.

WinSpeedUp is an application that lets you tune and optimize Windows to suit your computing environment and needs. With access to Windows' hidden system options, programs can start faster, unnecessary files can be deleted from your hard drive, Internet and LAN connections will be faster, the sytem start can be accelerated, and your system will be more stable.

WinSpeedUp's cleanup functions allow you to maintain your privacy by erasing your computing tracks and, in the process, free up some hard drive space. The program empties the recycle bin, deletes cookies, resets the history and documents lists, erases your Internet Explorer cache, deletes temporary files, and gets rid of unnecessary files such as TMP, BAK, and OLD files. In addition, you have one-click access to Windows cleanup utilities such as scandisk, defrag, and config. The RAM Cleanup function frees the physical memory from unnecessary entries with only one click.

The program's registry functions make it easy to clean unwanted and unnecessary entries from the Windows registry, making the system faster and more stable. WinSpeedUp's Internet functions let you tweak both the broadband and dial-up connections.

The autostart functions let you add and delete files that are loaded automatically at system startup. By eliminating startup leftovers from programs that you have uninstalled, WinSpeedUp increases system efficiency.


- Accelerate Windows start up
- Cleanup harddrives
- Cleanup RAM
- Tune start files
- DirectX information
- Accelerate autostart
- Edit start menu
- Start programs faster
- Information about Windows
- Adjust user defined restrictions
- Increase internet performance
- Cleanup Registry
- Clock synchronization via Internet
- Start Menu cleanup
- Uninstall programs
- Set Windows logos
- Repair Windows
- Hide drives
- Integrated Wizard to automatically tune your system
...and much more hints and settings

Platform:  Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Vista



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PC-Checkup 2007 v2.0

PC-Checkup will analyze your computer for errors that causes your computer to run slow, crash and not work correctly.
Did you know that 94% of PCs have errors hidden on them that results in crashes, slow performance, loss data and more.
We created PC-Checkup because we got tired of having to go to computer geeks and pay hundreds of dollars to fix our computers.
This is why we designed PC-Checkup to keep your PC error free with just 1 click.



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