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How to add an entry in your blog

This is a short FAQ on how to add entries to your blog. If you could not yet figure it out by yourself, this will be quite useful for you. If you however figured it out already, you still might want to check it out to learn some tricks you probably did not know.

To start, your blog is located at Where the screenname obviously has to be replace with whatever your screen name is. If you do not know what it is, just click on the Profile in the account menu and look it up there.

To add an entry you should click on the Add entry link in your account menu.


Once you do that, you will see a form that has to be filled out.


It is pretty straight forward so you should not have any problems with it. Do not forget to select a category. You can also disable comments for your entry if you like. They can be enabled/disabled at any time.

If your entry is big, you should probably separate it into 2 parts. The first part (introduction) will appear on the main page along with other entries. The second part (summary) will appear only after user clicks on the Read more link that will be automatically generated. To specify the "break" in your entry, you should click on the "Page break" button that you can find on the toolbar. Its a 7th button from the left, looks like a horizontal line.


The next thing you might want to do is put links. To do that you should select a text that you want to convert into a link, and then click on the Insert link button on the toolbar.


Type in the Link URL and click Update. The text you have selected will turn blue. This means it is now a link. To edit a link, just put a cursor on the blue text and click on the Edit link button on the toolbar.

Another cool feature is that you can make parts of your entry available only for iNetHouse members. This means that anyone who is not registered will not be able to see that part of your entry. To do that just put the required part of your entry into [vip] tags. It will looks like this.


The last thing you might do is add a picture to your entry to make it more appealing.


There are two ways to do that. First one (recommended) is to select a picture under the Entry picture header. The rest will be done automatically. The second one, more complicated is to upload your images manually and then insert them into your entry. Just use a form under Add file to do so. This should be done by advanced users only. Note the file extensions that are allowed to be uploaded as well as the maximum file size. Anything other than what's listed will not be accepted. Also note that it is not recommended to link images from other websites as it is considered hotlinking and most likely the image will not appear in your entry, or even if it does appear, there is a big chance of the image disappearing later. I'm sure you've all seen pictures like "Max bandwidth reached" instead of the actual picture.

After everything is filled out, you can click on the Send button to submit your entry. As soon as you do that, your entry will show up in your blog and will be available for everyone.

There are however 2 more places where your entry could be listed. The categories that you see on top of this page, and the main page. The placement depends on the content and quality of the entry and is done randomly. So out of 20 quality entries, only a couple will show up on the main page. But almost all will show up in the matching categories. This done not mean however that your entry will never be seen. It will still be visible in your own blog and everyone who browses it will see it. 

The way to know if your entry is listed in either one of those 2 places is to look for these icons. 


The first icon means that your entry is listed on the main page. The second one means your entry is listed in one of the categories. Please note that if you decide to edit your entry, it will be removed from the main page and categories if it was listed there. This is done to prevent unwanted content such as advertising. Later on however your entry will most likely show up there again.